Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill of 2010 - Oil Spill Update

What a tragedy that could have been prevented with a little TLC at the top level.

This is going down in the history books as the great BP Oil Spill of 2010.
Some say blame President Obama, but I say the total blame goes to BP.
Boycott BP (British Petroleum) products is the call to all consumers as the commercial ads from BP rise.

BP just gave a large amount to funds to the feds in order to help cleanup the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Eleven BP workers lost their lives when the platform caught on fire and exploded on April 20, 2010.
BP's fault for selecting risky methods and cutting costs to save time.
My sympathy goes out to the families and friends of those 11 people. BP is going to pat big time.

As of June 10th, over 3.2 million gallons or 6.4 million liters have flowed into the Gulf of Mexico.

June 21st, scientists revise their original estimate to 4.2 million gallons or 15.9 million liters a day.

July 6th $130 million has been paid out to businesses and employees.

BP sets up a $20 Billion escrow fund to deal with the oil spill crisis.

BP hopes to have a new cap in place by July 15th.

BP says they have converted a tanker to skim up the surface oil. How long will this take?
10 to 100 years if we're lucky. The Gulf of Mexico will never be the same again.

All the wildlife that have been effected because of the negligence of a greedy oil company.

Hydrocarbons rising from all this oil muck, as well as aromatic compounds, such as benzene, toluene, and xylene, all known carcinogens.

What can you do to help with the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill?

Donate your money ( National Wildlife Federation)
Volunteer your Services (LA Gulf Response)
Resources and Benefit Events

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Edward Scissorhands Remake - Will it be a Hit?

Looks like there is going to be a remake of Johnny Depp's Edward Scissorhands this fall.
Who may I ask could do a remake of this movie and have it be a hit? Nobody!

Remakes are OK to reincarnate an old dusty movie, but this movie hasn't even hit the archives yet.
What's really hot are doing sequels to a hot movie, or did everyone forget this little known fact.

I think that not only will this remake of the movie flop, it probably won't even come out after the producers
start looking at the polls from the many fans out there.

It's a big mistake to take a movie that's not that old and do a remake. The original movie is still making money.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Michael Jackson's Net Worth

Micheal Jackson was only 50 when he died. His legacy will live on forever and it shows in the fans he left behind.

Before his death last year, he was rumored to be in debt up to his ears.
But since his death the estate has bounced back in major proportions.

The MUSIC : $429 Million Dollars
albums, downloads, ring tones and subscriptions

TV and Movies: $409 Million Dollars
Sony, films, videos, TV rights

Publishing Rights: $130 Million Dollars
Sony /ATV catalog, Mijac Publishing

Miscellaneous Deals: $270 to 320 Million Dollars
series of deals cut by estate, memorabilia, merchandise, etc.

General total net worth: $1, 000,000,000 (1 Billion US Dollars)

USA vs Ghana World Cup 2010 Live Streaming

World Cup 2010 Live Streaming Updates
Get Live Streaming updates of realtime action as it occurs.

Watch the excitement Live.

Rare Lord Howe Island Stick Insect Found

The Lord Howe Island Stick Insects (Dryococelus australis) were thought to be extinct for the past 80 years. Scientists blame their dissappearance on black rats.

Two dead inscts were found but results finally came from constant expeditions and the insects were resently found in 2003 alive on Ball's Pyramid by climbers at night.

Even though at least 30 of the insects were found they still remain on the critically endangered species list.

As of 2008 there were 450 of the Lord Howe Island Stick Insects and slowly coming off of the endangered species list.

Pinta Island Tortoise

Pinta Island also known as Adingdon Island is and Island located in Ecuador.
This Island is home to many animals including swallow-tailed gulls, marine iguanas, sparrow hawks, fur seals and the a giant tortoise named Lonesome George. (Geochelone elephantopus abingdoni).

George is the rarest animal in the world and when he dies the Pinta Island Tortoise will be extinct.

Scientists have been trying to breed the animal with other tortoise with good success.
They mate and lay eggs and for the first few years they're transferred to incubating boxes so not
to be damaged.

The baby tortoises are kept in captivity for five years then they are taken back to Pinta Island to be released.